Merry Mail

Waypoint Writing Posts Merry Mail

As someone who appreciates good, old-fashioned snail mail (I’ve even published an ode to the hand-written thank you note), I am excited to announce that Waypoint Writing is embarking on a charitable campaign that requires envelopes, postage stamps, and actual handwriting.

To celebrate the season and give back in a way that represents my love of words, messages, and meaningful communication, Waypoint Writing will send holiday cards to kids who are stuck spending the holidays in hospitals around the country via the Cards for Hospitalized Kids campaign.

Instead of making this an individual endeavor, I am extending an invitation to you, your kids, your friends, colleagues, artistically-inclined associates, whoever you think might want to make a card to brighten the holiday season for a sick child.

Here’s the plan…

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Celebrate Your Clients through Charitable Giving this Season

One of the constant challenges facing small business owners, especially around the holiday season, is the reality of restricted budgets. Sure, we’d love to have the funds to get really festive and celebrate our clients and colleagues, but the bottom line is not always bountiful. However, you can resist the Scrooge-like stance. It is possible to give back and still celebrate your clients this season through charitable giving.

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