A Polished Press Release Signals the Pulse of Your Brand

Forget the press releases of the past.

A quick Google search will show you that traditional press releases mean precious little in the current digital age. However, businesses and brands still need a cost-effective way to share something newsworthy and distribute it to as many channels as possible in a reasonably short amount of time. For that reason, press releases are still valid.

Without a doubt, a press release provides your business or brand with affordable exposure. Of course, exposure for the sake of exposure isn’t enough. Cyberspace, specifically, content wires and columnists, are inundated with press releases every single day. The competition to ensure that yours stands out from the slush is significant.

The Differences Are Staggering

The difference between a press release that gets zero engagement and one that results in a featured column of a major publication involves isolating the story behind the soundbyte. Why this news matters or should matter to your readers is the critical component that needs to be communicated clearly, right from the get go. Otherwise, readers will simply click right out of the release in search of more compelling content.

It’s possible to enhance and update your brand’s image, share the latest in-house development, or brag about an exciting new hire in a way that will actually matter to your readers. Our team knows how to step into the role of your potential reader and determine what he or she will find relevant and meaningful about your news. From there, we craft memorable content that will make your news more significant and, ultimately, press-worthy.

Similar to the right wording in a blog post or website, our goal is to write and share a press release that will attract, educate, and engage your readers, inspiring them to take action and interact with your brand. Audiences like to be a part of the story and it takes a professional team like ours to present that story as their invitation to get involved. We can help!

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