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Digital Marketing for Increased Visibility

Just a fancy phrase for marketing or advertising done online, digital marketing is everywhere and, well… old. Think of the first wireless radio programs — that’s early digital marketing. Anything involving the transmission of information via electronic technologies like phone — now phone apps, websites, email, websites, and search engines all counts as digital marketing.

We encounter and work through specific channels of digital marketing, thanks to consistent client requests for help with content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing, primarily. What distinguishes these forms of digital marketing from each other?

Glad you asked!

Content Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, which focuses on advertising a good or service, content marketing concerns the educational aspect of the content your business or brand publishes about what you do and offer. Content marketing should inform and teach your readers something specific about your industry and issues they should be aware of when making decisions as consumers. Content marketing supports your brand’s existence by bolstering the meaning and relevance of what you have to offer in a meaningful, consistent way.

So… think blogging, scripts, newsletters, even media kits. All of those are examples of content marketing and we can help with each one.

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Email Marketing

We are all bombarded with emails each and every day, which is proof of the power and popularity of email marketing in action. The trick is crafting a subject line that gets your recipient to actually open and read your message. We can help with that!

Crafting clear, creative emails is among our specialities and we can get you set up on a consistent schedule for distributing your emails or newsletters on a regular basis. Your audience does want to hear from you — the trouble is, everyone else is transmitting messages and you need to ensure that yours stands out and supports action on behalf of your business and brand.

Social Media Marketing

Coming up with creative content for your social media channels can be overwhelming. Let our team organize content calendars for you, complete with scheduled posts full of relevant industry news, updates about your business, or compelling facts that could influence your client to take action.

Not sure what you need or how to get started? That’s why we’re here. Reach out to our team and let’s come up with a plan to put your brand on the map.

Some of our clients include:

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