Win the Word Wars with Careful Copy Editing

The importance of editing cannot be overstated.

Even those readers who admittedly struggle with spelling, grammar, and punctuation will hone in on gaffes in your content with an impressive speed and an unforgiving eye. Unforgiving as in that avoidable typo might have just cost you a client or nixed the possibility of a key collaboration with an industry power player.

Common Grammatical Errors

When it comes to consumer criticism, you can’t afford to kid yourself

A recent survey reported that 58% of consumers notice and are annoyed by typos and grammatical errors on a website. That’s more than half. You’re already fighting steep competition to bring viewers to your website in the first place. Imagine more than half of them immediately turning away because you misspelled a simple word or used your instead of you’re.

And it gets worse. Of those annoyed consumers, a total 59% wouldn’t give your company and its typos their business. Why? Simply because these mistakes, no matter how small they seem, suggest a larger lack in precision and professionalism. A typo, in other words, translates as a poor reflection of the quality of your product or service

Because “haste makes waste,” the message you’re unwittingly broadcasting is that you are too busy to pay attention to something as critical as your brand’s own digital presence. Why should a consumer think you’ll take any greater care when it comes to their own pain points, goals, and business needs?

If you think your business is already too big or booming to suffer backlash over a botched phrase, think again. Even powerhouses like NASA and Nike have incurred considerable losses after cutting corners against editing. Failure to edit can cost your business, no matter its size, scope, or number of followers. Enlisting the help of experts is a smart way to offset errors and present the best version of your brand and business. We can help!

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