Script Writing

Storytelling is a critical component of successful marketing for your brand.

Your customers want the behind-the-scenes glimpses into how your business operates, what it stands for, and, most importantly, who is responsible for keeping it all running.

A well-written script should resonate with your brand’s voice. After all, your brand’s personality matters. Consider this: 57.5% of consumers prefer to purchase from brand’s which showcase strong personalities.

Telling your brand’s story, whether product or service based, can be best achieved through professionally crafted scripts. Whether you need a 10-second, 30-second, full minute, or longer, trust the team at Waypoint Writing to delve into your brand and convey the message that matters to your business.

Investing in professional script writing is a smart way to save money on video production because it ensures clarity behind your video’s purpose, which also helps you target your ideal audience with precision.

If you put someone in a room with no script to direct, they’re just going to sit there. Writing scripts is the execution for a show. Then the director takes that and hires people. It’s like trying to build a house without any bricks. You need the script. I could build the house, but I have to know how.”  — John Patrick Shanley

By committing your concept to a written script, you will be better able to direct the project for better results. Once completed, you can leverage snippets of your script, along with parts of your video — or the entire thing, depending on its length — on your business’ social media channels.

Awesome experience working with Amanda!
– Fast response to my emails
– Quick turnaround
– Friendly
– Very very talented
Amanda and Cast Iron has quickly become my top choice in the area.
With the two projects I hired her for I had no critiques for the work she did. She simply hit the nail on the head both times for exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Amanda. You will be happy you hired her too.

We just recently finished two videos for our studio and were in desperate need of sophisticated but emotional copy for one and magical and playful for another. After my videographer and I received our copy back from Amanda I proclaimed I had a new crush. Her words were like Irish butter on evenly toasted bread; spread perfectly with the right amount of flavor. We highly recommend Amanda!

Amanda and the team at Waypoint are incredible. I hired them to script some voiceover work for a video my company filmed and I was so impressed with the quality and turnaround time. We will definitely be using them again.

Amanda is top notch in her craft when it comes to content.

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