Free Small Business Saturday Promo Kit

Creating Content to Support Small Business for #SmallBizSaturday

As a small business owner, it’s probably no surprise that I believe in supporting other small businesses whenever possible. Last year, in preparation for Small Business Saturday, I blogged about the event and highlighted my visits to various local small businesses on social media. 

Following some encouraging feedback and in an effort to offer more value to fellow small businesses, I created a downloadable PDF, the “Small Business Saturday Shortcut Starter Kit.” 

This guide offers some suggestions pulled from last year’s blog posts, Celebrating Small Business Saturday and Five Marketing Moves for Small Business Saturday that readers found particularly helpful when preparing for Small Business Saturday. 

Download the Shortcut Starter Kit Now!

Whether yours is a brick-and-mortar or online store, this free download includes tips to assist your Small Biz Saturday efforts before, during, and after your event. 

Running a small business is challenging and it takes an enormous amount of perseverance on the part of the business owner. Unfortunately, all the perserverance on the planet isn’t enough. Community awareness and engagement with small businesses is critical, which is why I believe in promoting #ShopSmall campaigns and celebrating the entrepreneurs endeavoring to succeed in my area. 

Although it took a big brand like American Express to kick off the campaign in 2010 and call attention to the plight and promise of small businesses, it’s up to individuals and small business owners to keep the momentum going. 

And the momentum is considerable. The Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, commissioned by American Express and the National Federation of Independent Businesses reports that “90% of consumers said Small Business Saturday has had a positive impact on their community.”

Support your community by shopping small businesses on November 30 and showing some love on social media. Tag Waypoint Writing in your Small Business Saturday posts with #WaypointSmallBiz. 

To my fellow small business owners, download my Small Business Saturday Shortcut Starter Kit for some last minute tips to prepare your brand for November 30th!

Circling the Launchpad – Harnessing the Fear of Starting a New Business

Jenn believed we could successfully launch this business before I did. I hate to admit that. But it’s true. She pushed hard, but not hard enough to send me running from the picture that, at the time, represented all the tangibility of a mirage. It was an idea. A belief. A compelling suggestion that we could do this. We knew how. We just had to figure out the finer details.

Of course, this forced me to realize that I live my life ever aware of the devil in those very details and so I quickly found myself fearing our ability to launch without crashing and burning like Icharus.

After all, according to The Motley Fool (gulp!), nearly 50% of all businesses fail after five years. Well, shit. I’ve given just about as much time to endeavors I didn’t believe in – often because those in charge didn’t either. But, what would actually stop us from starting out like a shooting star and then burning out just as fast?

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