Have you fallen victim to the newest content creation craze, ChatGPT? 

No judgement. We’re all curious and dipping our toes in the water of artificial intelligence in our respective industries.

AI can be a great tool to give you a jump start off that dreaded blank page, which means there’s nothing wrong with using the software to create content for your business… or is there?

Should I use AI-generated content for my business?

In order to answer that question, let’s break down the promises and pitfalls of AI-generated content into simpler questions…

How well-written is the AI content?

If you’ve ever tried ChatGPT, you probably couldn’t help but notice that each paragraph uses the same transitions and each article concludes with “Overall.” 

While formulas have their place, repetitive transitions and structures make for a tedious read.

Get in there and change things up. Sentence variety is the spice of life! 

Does AI plagiarize?

AI-generated content can sometimes be unintentionally similar to pre-existing content. It is important to double check that the AI is adding value to your content and not simply regurgitating stuff that already exists. 

Will AI represent my brand voice?

Would one of your existing customers recognize this piece of content as yours? 

If your brand voice isn’t represented in a particular piece, you need to revise so that it resonates above the robot. 

Only you can implement the phrasing, slogan, mission statement, etc., required to accurately reflect a brand in a piece of content. Language awareness is necessary to effectively reinforce the content cadence that supports a brand. 

Similarly, AI will not avoid or delete altogether those phrases or words that aren’t in line with your brand because it doesn’t have the same language awareness. For example, one of our clients refuses to include the word “but” in any of their content because they view it as a negative connotation. 

We sometimes struggle to remember that — you can be sure ChatGPT will not abide by that request. 

Will the language be correct?

Okay, maybe this is a no-brainer, but just because it’s a robot doesn’t mean it has the same eye for grammar as a trained copywriter or copyeditor.

AI also tends to “Americanize” everything. For example, favorite vs favourite. So you’ll need to double check before you press publish. 

Will the information be biased?

Since the information that AI gets is from the internet, AI can reflect the biases of the data that it is trained on. This can lead to biased content, which will likely not resonate with all audiences. 

To ensure diversity and inclusion, you need to check the AI-generated content for biases. 

Does AI generate SEO-driven content?

We all know how important it is for your content to be SEO-driven. With that said, can you really trust artificial intelligence to provide you with exactly what you need in order to rank above your competitors? 

After all, AI uses content that already exists, so yours is bound to get lost in the shuffle. 

Will the text sound like it was written by a robot?

Like we said before, AI can generate some pretty tiresome transitions within its content. The text is written by a robot so odds are, it’s going to sound like it–at least a little bit. While this may not be an issue for certain businesses, it is always good to personalize any AI copy. 

Will the information be up-to-date?

Let’s not forget, the “knowledge cut-off” for ChatGPT is 2021, a decision that was made to “balance the accuracy and efficiency of the model.” 

Great, but lots has happened since 2021 (official end of the pandemic, anyone?) and, referring to your fact checking tip, you’ll want to make sure the information you’re mining is current to the present moment, otherwise you run the risk of seeming out of touch or behind the curve. 

Interested in more boxes you might need to check before you hit publish on your AI-generated content? Click here. 

On the other hand…

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use AI-generated content at all. In fact, software like ChatGPT is a great tool to give you the bulk of the information you need with little effort. However, it’s all in how you use that information, including refining it for your specific audience, message, or brand. 

Yes, you do need to reread and edit any and all content created by artificial intelligence. 

Just because it’s intelligent, doesn’t mean it’s more intelligent than an invested reader. 

We’re here to help!

With the surge in the use of artificial intelligence to generate copy, we now offer a new service specifically tailored to AI-generated content. 

Our service, AI-Generated Content Management is designed specifically to make your AI-generated content better. Let’s be real, no robot can replace the creative and artistic nuances of the human experience.

Whether it’s AI-generated copy or just a daunting blank page, contact our team for content management that gets results.

AI-Generated Content: Risky Business?

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