AI-Generated Content: Risky Business?

Have you fallen victim to the newest content creation craze, ChatGPT? 

No judgement. We’re all curious and dipping our toes in the water of artificial intelligence in our respective industries.

AI can be a great tool to give you a jump start off that dreaded blank page, which means there’s nothing wrong with using the software to create content for your business… or is there?

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What is a CTA? 

Writing a call to action can often make or break the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. A call to action or CTA is a statement intended to convince a viewer to take a desired action.

A blogger might use a CTA to convince readers to check out the rest of their blog; a small business owner might use a CTA on a social post to convince viewers to check out their website.

The point is, your content needs to have a purpose and the CTA is there to underscore that purpose.

Check out a few more points about why your content needs a CTA, along with some tips to ensure you’re creating a CTA strong enough to inspire action.

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True Allyship vs. Rainbow Washing

Written by guest blogger, Ethan Wasiejko.

Ethan is the owner of AWARE Social Media Management, a brand dedicated to keeping others informed of social justice issues while helping other brands stay informed and reach their goals on social media. He works with a diverse range of clientele, including a position at San Diego Pride interning in the marketing and communications department. Ethan’s skillset ranges from copywriting, social media strategizing, management, and planning, as well as market research to conduct the social media marketing successfully for brands

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In Pursuit of True Pride

Today officially marks the last day of Pride 2022; however, the United States continues to see bills and policies codified into law, which could prove detrimental to the LGBTQ+ community.

Earlier this week — June 26 — marked the seven-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage. Even so, it remains abundantly clear that there is a significant amount of work to be done politically and commercially.

This post looks at one crucial task that businesses of all sizes can tackle: promoting true allyship over what has become known as “rainbow washing.”

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How to Hashtag

It may seem silly to even ask how to hashtag because it has been around for so long now and everyone uses them, but it’s more than just adding a word after the # symbol. You must make sure that the words you are using in your hashtags are popular and relate to what you’re posting about. But why?

This simple keyword phrase helps link your post with what is popular or trending. If you own a skincare business for example, you will want your posts to show up with other skincare related content. You’ll have to use popular phrases and words like #Skincare, #Natural, #SkincareRoutine, #SkincareTips… just to name a few.

In 2022, hash tagging is a useful tool for any company to generate exposure—when it’s used correctly.

So how exactly do you hashtag?

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Sincerely, Your Email Signature

With the new year fast approaching, it is time for an email signature upgrade!

Your email signature should be personal, specific, and include information to inspire your recipient to get in touch with you. A high-quality email signature can help you stand out and be taken seriously by clients and colleagues alike.

An email signature should a welcoming way to invite your reader to reach out to you in more ways than one. How does your signature look? Check out what should go and what needs to be there in time for a fresh sign-off in the new year.

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