Who doesn’t like receiving snail mail, especially around the holidays?

This time of year, most people’s fridge fronts and mantels are littered with seasonal well-wishes.

Businesses should also take advantage of snail direct mail, year-round for a number of reasons. While the digital age makes anything printed seem dated and totally ditchable, direct mail still delivers when it comes to supporting your business and sharing your story.

Why Should Your Business Drop a Line via Direct Mail?

As old-school as it might seem in the age of digital marketing, direct mail still has its place and offers a surprising number of benefits to your brand. Consider the following five reasons to implement direct mail into your marketing efforts:

  • Maintain a point of contact with current clients about all things related to your business
  • Introduce your business to new customers
  • Announce deals, introductory offers, and specials on your service and/or products
  • Educate your audience about a new service or product
  • Increase visitors to your website

Of course, there is an art to just about every marketing initiative and direct mail is no exception. Keep in mind the following three points and avoid these 10 Most Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes before you embark on a direct mail campaign in order to make the most of your efforts.

Less is More

The messaging on your postcard should be clear and concise. This isn’t the time to dive into the details of your product or service. Make your point and make it quickly so that the recipient can tell, even by just a cursory glance, what your business is about, or what you’re specifically offering by sending this card.

Details Matter

It sounds ridiculous, but make sure your contact information is clearly listed directly on the postcard. Also, the “why,” as in why you bothered to pay for postage and send this card, should be unmistakable.

Keep images clear and uncluttered. Same with fonts — no fine print here, please. If your recipient struggles to read your offer, you could probably save the stamp and simply pitch the postcard into the trash yourself.

Points for Proofreading

A piggyback point to the importance of details, any typos or misspellings on your postcard will reflect badly on your brand. Right or wrong, a recipient will likely connect a simple grammar error to a larger assumption about your business, service or product.

Obviously, this is the opposite effect of what you’re going for, so take the time to proofread your postcard before distribution. Better yet, hire a professional to do the proofreading for you!

Even if you didn’t send any snail mail this season, make room for it in your new year marketing plans. Need help coming up with compelling content? Want that proofreading professional to give you the green light before you distribute your direct mail?

Give us a shout and let our team help you structure and share your story with good, old-fashioned snail mail.


Special Delivery: Why Snail Direct Mail Still Works

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