Okay, no one can really determine what resolutions are best for your unique business better than you, the business owner. However, the following three are sound advice for all businesses, regardless of scope, size or specialty.

Even if you routinely fail at keeping personal New Year’s’ resolutions, you can redirect your efforts towards your business and choose one, two, or — better yet — all three of these resolutions for improved business in the new year.

Dare to Go Digital

Sure, you already have a website and that’s great.

But, you need to honestly ask yourself if your website looks dated to new visitors. Determining how dated your website might be comes down to details like old images, a professional bio that hasn’t been updated to reflect what you’ve accomplished recently, or any other content that is no longer relevant or reflective of your brand’s current mission.

Is your website responsive on mobile devices? If not, you most certainly have a dated website.

How’s that email marketing campaign going? Don’t have one of those “subscribe to our newsletter” buttons on your website? Consider your marketing decidedly dated.

No worries, the new year is upon us, providing the perfect opportunity to up your digital marketing game.

Let Your Social Butterfly Take Wing

Can your customers, both loyal and prospective, find you on social media? If not, it’s time to do some research and get your social butterfly off the ground. Even if you are using social media, are you utilizing the right channels and platforms for your specific audience?

Hint: Baby boomers don’t use Snapchat. Millennials love Instagram.

Bite the Bullet and Blog

Blogging about your business is one of the most beneficial ways to inform, educate, and update your audience about your service and/or products. Creating and committing to a strategic blogging schedule will help consistently share your brand’s story and engage your audience.

What are some other benefits to blogging?

Simply put, stronger SEO support and increased traffic to your website. All good things.

Granted, each of these resolutions requires extra time and energy from you as a business owner. Don’t let a time crunch stall your resolutions before they even begin.

Contact our team and let us help you with any or all three of these small business resolutions. We’re ready to structure and share your story this year and support your best marketing efforts.


3 Best Small Business Resolutions

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