If you manage your brand’s social media posts, you’ve likely been presented with the option to boost your post. Boosting your post is Facebook-speak that simply means paying for increased brand exposure. The Instagram version of this is promoting your post. Either way, if you’ve considered these options and found yourself wondering whether or not to pay for increased brand exposure, understanding what you’re paying for might help you better strategize your social media spend.

Paying to Boost Your Brand on Social Media

The whole point of promoting or boosting a social media post is to increase the number of people (driven by demographics of your choosing) who are exposed to your brand, thereby extending your business’ organic reach. Business owners need to bear in mind that, thanks to Facebook’s new algorithm, organic reach for brands and businesses is decreasing. In an attempt to overcome this, boosting or promoting a post is a great option.

Promote Only Your Top Performing Posts

If you want to get your brand in front of new and targeted (the narrower your parameters, the better) viewers, take a look at your current posts and keep in mind that performance is key. Focus on those posts that are already performing well. Those are boost-worthy, perfect to promote. Ideally, you want to choose high-performing posts that have a very clear CTA, in support of a specific announcement, promotion or fundraising link.

Make Sure the Picture is Worth the Price

Images are important here. As a matter of fact, Facebook won’t allow you to boost text-heavy posts as those just don’t do as well. So, make sure your image is designed to get your audience’s attention, with the supporting content strong enough to keep it; ultimately, inspiring action, specifically, a visit to your website.

Set Your Sights on Strategy

Boosting or promoting a post is simple. Just click on the boost or promote button and you’re on your way. Start by making sure the CTA your corresponding goal for promoting the post is clear in the first place. The strategy is key, and it’s up to you to set the target audience demographics, the spend (daily minimum = $1.00), and length of time you want the promotion to last.

Evaluate its Effectiveness

Access your analytics via Facebook Insights, for example, to evaluate how well your boosted post is doing. While there, you can make any necessary tweaks and even take a moment to boost other posts, if you like the results.

Boosting or promoting a post is just another tool in your content marketing arsenal. But, if you’re not ready to pull the trigger, send us a note. Our team can help you strategize your social media spend and help introduce your brand to more potential business.

Should I Boost My Brand’s Social Media Post?

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