Creating content for your business or agency can be complicated. Not only do you have to decide what to post, but you also have to figure out where to post it.

Considering that each social platform has different audiences, it is crucial that you do research to make sure you are utilizing the platforms that will generate the most reach.

The good news is that copywriting and marketing agencies like us are more than happy to help you figure out everything you need to nail your content.

We already went into more depth about Instagram and its different features, now it’s time to dig a little deeper into the professional social platform, LinkedIn.

What is the purpose of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is THE social media of the business world – think Instagram meets Wall Street. The mission of the platform is to connect business professionals from all over the world to make everyone more productive and successful. 

In one app, you can see anything from small businesses to large agencies; high school students to adults with long and well-established careers. LinkedIn serves its purpose by providing opportunity for everyone to connect and engage in a digital workplace.

How can you utilize LinkedIn to promote your brand?

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, there are 10 tips to keep in mind to help you generate reach and build brand exposure. We’ll go over the most important ones.

  1. Define your audience and goals – What you post on LinkedIn is going to reflect what your goals are. If you want to promote your business, you should post content that will convince viewers that they need your product/service. If your goal is to connect and collaborate with other businesses, then you should change your content strategy and make sure you are interacting with other businesses on the platform, consistently.
  1. Optimize your page for search – To ensure that your company page is well-optimized, consider utilizing keywords, links, and content. By doing this, you can help show people searching the platform the products or services that your company can offer them. 
  1. Grow your page followers – The higher the following, the greater your content reach. There are a few things you can do to increase your following, including: inviting your profile connections to follow your LinkedIn Page, telling your employees which posts are most important to boost organic reach, and promoting your company page through email, newsletters, and blog posts.
  1. Publish engaging content – “Salesy” content does not typically perform well on LinkedIn. Instead of trying to sell your audience on the benefits of your product or service, try publishing engaging and insightful content from others in addition to posting your own. Publishing insightful content from others is one of the most powerful ways to grow your audience. 
  1. Create LinkedIn ad campaigns – The Campaign Manager on LinkedIn allows you to set a budget, select goals about clicks and impressions, and have control over the timeline of your campaigns. Running these self-service ads is a great way to increase traffic to your company’s page.

What type of content does best?

LinkedIn takes pride in its purpose to promote meaningful content from brands that provide value to the viewers.

This has made the platform great for sharing more in-depth content like blog posts, authoritative articles, and guides (your articles should contain between 1,500 and 2,000 words.) You can post a short snippet with a link to the website or just include the entire article right there in the post!

When it comes to platforms like Instagram and Facebook, images reign supreme. But, LinkedIn isn’t like Instagram in this way. Not every post needs a picture and insights actually show that some posts do better without an image.

That doesn’t mean that you should never include pictures because using high-quality images can also be a great way to increase engagement. Visual content is more appealing and digestible because it allows readers to understand what you are saying without going through a long post. 

In short, the type of content that does best on LinkedIn depends on your audience and industry. The best recommendation we have for you is to try a bit of everything and see what drives your account traffic the most!

Reach out to our team today if you have any questions about developing a marketing strategy for different social media platforms and follow us on LinkedIn!

 What Should I Post on LinkedIn?

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