Smart Copywriters Channel Creativity through Travel

As a copywriter who works remotely, just about any time is a good time to travel. Regardless of the season, I’m pretty much game to get moving whenever the opportunity presents itself. Maybe it’s an internal rhythm that took root during a childhood and adolescence punctuated by routine relocations. Regardless of how it started, I now value travel for the creative charge it never fails to deliver. According to science, this charge champions cognition and creativity; in other words, travel keeps us sharp. Good thing for a copywriter to bear in mind when the constant push to create fresh content feels challenging… 

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3 Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

The irony of suffering writer’s block whilst trying to write about writer’s block is not lost on me. Right now, I’m staring out the window at the beginnings of yet another blizzard, wondering what in the world I have to say about writer’s block that hasn’t been said already. Of course, author Charles Bukowski is quoted as saying, “Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” So, I’ve got that going for me.

But, my suspicion that I have nothing to add to the conversation is rooted in a common trap — fear and self-doubt that one has anything meaningful to say on a particular subject.

Here’s the deal: I’m not going to say anything groundbreaking about writer’s block. Anyone who has ever sat down to write an academic paper, craft a compelling personal statement, or even commit their grocery list to paper with any measure of accuracy has, no doubt, felt stopped at that mental red light.

The purpose of this post is to simply provide a few reminders about how to wriggle out from under the weight of writer’s block, and get back to work. Ultimately, the only way to win in the face of writer’s block is to just. write. something. Anything, in fact.

Teaser tip: Next week, we will explain the creative genius behind copywriter Jenna R. London’s code to crack writer’s block. If you haven’t yet, check out our current giveaway and see if you can make out the madness behind her method… But for now, here is some definition, data, and direction surrounding writer’s block and how to move past it.

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Gimme a Beat and Get Me Back to Work…

Rather than a rush to the finish line, some work weeks feel like a slow belly crawl to the weekend. For whatever reason, time and energy are at a premium, and you’re always on the brink of running out of both. Simple tasks take longer than they should, clients are slow to respond, and the next item on your to-do list already feels draining.

Could it be a post-holiday reverie slump? Maybe you’re coming down with something. Might be some other source of stress that’s leaving you feeling stretched to the max. Whatever the case, you can’t tap out and quit. There is work to be done and procrastinating will just lead to panic later. So, what can you do?

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Substituting Recipes for Resolutions

There is something about the approach of a new year that makes me feel a little frantic. I liken it to the stress associated with wrapping up one big project and embarking on another simultaneously. The dual pressures of reflecting in a meaningful way on the ending year while projecting goals and dreams for the new one zaps what should be an energetic enthusiasm, in my experience, anyway.

For some reason, I feel like the failure to review the year in full and craft and commit to an important resolution somehow smacks of ingratitude. Shouldn’t those of us who survived 2017 approach 2018 with a reverence and recommitment to live life to the fullest? We should. But the idea of it wears me out before I even contemplate a resolution. And why bother, anyway? Considering that only 8% of those who make New Year’s resolutions keep them, the odds are seriously not in my favor.

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