Why Your Business Needs a Product Video Demonstration

In my last post, I spoke in general, but data-driven terms about why businesses of all sizes need video marketing. A recent conversation with a colleague provided the opportunity to go a bit more in-depth by targeting specific purposes for creating video and a quick consideration of their intended audiences. If you are trying to market a product, your business needs a product video demonstration. 

So, this next installment in the Waypoint Writing ongoing video series is all about why your product needs a video demonstration. To keep it simple, consider these the 5 Es driving demo videos: Evidence, Explanation, Expense, Ease, and Examination. After a quick evaluation of what each E represents (anyone else love alliteration as much as I do?), check out what Rich Allen, Owner of Zone3 and ProThree, US Branch, had to say about his experience with Eddie (yet another E. Eddie and the 5 Es… sounds like a fifties band) and his own product demo video.

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