Behind-the-Scenes of Our First Brand Photography Session: Lights, Camera, Collaborate!

Monday marked Waypoint Writing’s first brand photography session. Although it would have been ideal to have the entire team on hand, the reality of time and distance meant that only three of us could physically attend to create some brand-specific content. We had two primary motivations for doing so. The first — our brand, just like all brands, needed an infusion of fresh, original content. The second — a quick brand photography session gave our team the chance to demonstrate one or two services that we can easily deliver to our clients. The bonus? It was fun!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots and impressions of our experience, which should provide you with some ideas for how our company might help better brand yours…

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Why Your Business Needs a Product Video Demonstration

In my last post, I spoke in general, but data-driven terms about why businesses of all sizes need video marketing. A recent conversation with a colleague provided the opportunity to go a bit more in-depth by targeting specific purposes for creating video and a quick consideration of their intended audiences. If you are trying to market a product, your business needs a product video demonstration. 

So, this next installment in the Waypoint Writing ongoing video series is all about why your product needs a video demonstration. To keep it simple, consider these the 5 Es driving demo videos: Evidence, Explanation, Expense, Ease, and Examination. After a quick evaluation of what each E represents (anyone else love alliteration as much as I do?), check out what Rich Allen, Owner of Zone3 and ProThree, US Branch, had to say about his experience with Eddie (yet another E. Eddie and the 5 Es… sounds like a fifties band) and his own product demo video.

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Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing – Stat!

Have you harnessed the power of video marketing for your brand? As a business owner, you’re likely inundated with all kinds of advice, both solicited and unsolicited, about what you need to do to grow your bottom line and better support your business. If you haven’t already been schooled in the benefits of video marketing, we’re here to set you straight.

Video marketing will soon be unavoidable as the best way to market your business. And while you can read stats supporting the success of video marketing for businesses of all sizes, we’ve also decided to feature a successful business owner who recently ventured into video marketing for her business.

Between a little research and a spotlight shining brightly on anecdotal evidence, we’re confident you’ll soon see the power of video and its potential to attract more customers to your business.

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