In my last post, I spoke in general, but data-driven terms about why businesses of all sizes need video marketing. A recent conversation with a colleague provided the opportunity to go a bit more in-depth by targeting specific purposes for creating video and a quick consideration of their intended audiences. If you are trying to market a product, your business needs a product video demonstration. 

So, this next installment in the Waypoint Writing ongoing video series is all about why your product needs a video demonstration. To keep it simple, consider these the 5 Es driving demo videos: Evidence, Explanation, Expense, Ease, and Examination. After a quick evaluation of what each E represents (anyone else love alliteration as much as I do?), check out what Rich Allen, Owner of Zone3 and ProThree, US Branch, had to say about his experience with Eddie (yet another E. Eddie and the 5 Es… sounds like a fifties band) and his own product demo video.


In other words, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” We’ve all heard or even said this and in increasingly competitive markets for goods and services, consumers will cast a critical eye on anything that even remotely suggests a failure to deliver. According to Bold Content’s 6 Benefits of Product Demos (With 3 Case Studies), “Product demonstration videos are ideal because they provide a live demonstration that the product does, in fact, solve the customer’s problem… By taking the prospect through the process they can actually see themselves using that product to achieve their desired outcome.”

Makes sense.


Not all consumers are readers, and even those who are might feel overwhelmed or mistakenly unimpressed by the details and fine print regarding a specific product. By relying on a product video demonstration, entrepreneurs are able to showcase (read: brag) about their product without necessarily pushing it. Or, to borrow again from Bold Content, “Demo videos provide a means to explain your product’s features and benefits in a way that doesn’t explicitly feel like selling. Throughout the demo you can show what makes your product unique.”



Speaking of cha-ching, investing in some expert video marketing will save you big bucks elsewhere. So, long sales team! Avoid unnecessary expenditures associated with sales support and spend what you save on a stunning video, or series of videos, depending on the number of different products in your inventory. Swap up the sales team for a slam-dunk video link and start stretching your reach to new markets — all over the world.

Cha-ching! Redux.


What’s easier than email? Update your current clients with news about your latest product in a way that actually engages them. Show them on screen how to use said ingenious product and watch the sales pile up.

Easy-peasy… you know the rest.


Okay, you might still need some form of a sales force. If that’s the case, make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding and operating your product. Quick, easy, and effective. That’s how we like to roll. Get it, roll?

Keep it simple.


Maybe the best part about a product video demonstration for marketing purposes is that you’re not broadcasting to a totally anonymous audience. You can track how your audience is interacting with your video. Depending on what you do with that knowledge, you can always improve your product video demonstrations and bring your best video marketing game.

Nothing like a peek behind the scenes to better your on-screen performance.

On Location with Rich Allen

Stats are great and super helpful when discussing the merits of marketing with data-driven types. However, most of us prefer the proof in the pudding, so to speak. To that end, I asked Rich Allen, Owner of ZONE3 and ProThree, US Branch, about his experiences working with Eddie on this particular product video demostration for Zone3 VICTORY D wetsuits.


Amanda: What convinced you to pursue video for your specific product?

Rich: We found that video gets much more engagement and interaction in social media than images. Also, people find it easier to relate to a video and its content.

Amanda: What were your impressions of the video process, overall?

Rich: We very much gave the videographers the freedom to deliver what they wanted. This involves a lot of trust, but outstanding work was delivered.

Amanda: What kind of feedback did you receive from customers, colleagues, maybe even your competition?

Rich: They really like the videos, particularly the use of drones.

That’s a Wrap

With plans to shoot new product video demonstrations on a regular two-month rotation, Rich has already observed measurable results, regarding product sales and brand exposure.

The takeaway?

  1. Video engages your customers better than traditional marketing.
  2. Trust helps the process.
  3. Yes — Eddie has drones.

Ready to launch your product video demonstration? Call or email the Waypoint Writing team and we will schedule your shoot at your earliest convenience.


Why Your Business Needs a Product Video Demonstration

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