Behind-the-Scenes of Our First Brand Photography Session: Lights, Camera, Collaborate!

Monday marked Waypoint Writing’s first brand photography session. Although it would have been ideal to have the entire team on hand, the reality of time and distance meant that only three of us could physically attend to create some brand-specific content. We had two primary motivations for doing so. The first — our brand, just like all brands, needed an infusion of fresh, original content. The second — a quick brand photography session gave our team the chance to demonstrate one or two services that we can easily deliver to our clients. The bonus? It was fun!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots and impressions of our experience, which should provide you with some ideas for how our company might help better brand yours…

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Top 3 Considerations Before a Brand Photography Session

In this latest installment of what I consider “Business Strategies I’m Learning on the Fly,” I focus on branding, specifically my upcoming brand photography session with Branding Photographer and PR Strategist Kristin Hardwick.

Here’s the plan: next Monday, Kristin will arrive at my home office and snap brand worthy photos, reflective and supportive of Waypoint Writing. To prepare for the session, Kristin and I briefly discussed what will no doubt become a much larger conversation about why branding photography is so important for a business.

As I get organized for the shoot, I am keeping three key considerations in mind. Dubbing them AAA, my primary concerns are attention, aesthetics, and ambition.

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Why Good Photos Matter to Your Brand Identity

Ever wonder if good photos really matter to your brand identity?

In the online world, first impressions are made in less than two tenths of a second. Before clients read your text, or understand what exactly you can help them with, they form a baseline impression based on your visuals. This means your design and your photos are of the utmost importance. You can be the absolute right person to solve their problem, or selling the secret that will change their lives, but if your photos don’t captivate and convince them of that right off that bat, you’re going to have an uphill battle on your hands.

Whether it’s your website, your social media, or your company newsletter, you want your photos to be consistent and representative of your brand identity. What does that mean? It means that your wardrobe choices for headshots and website photos should be consistent with what your customers expect to see you in. It means that you should be photographing your business in a location that makes sense for your audience, and it means that you’ll want to choose professional photos, over selfies and shaky phone pics.

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