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Nurturing our children and ourselves is a thankless task. Needing exercise is one of those aspects. Not everyone is drawn to athletic activities, though.

Exciting activities keep the attention of even our youngest participants. Each class is tailored to the specific coaches’ methodology. Every class focuses on a different component of one of two sports.


At New England Athletic Academy, we strive to accommodate all interests and skill levels. Acceptance of others is as important as the skills our qualified coaches teach. Additionally, we offer unique equipment tailored towards beginning golf enthusiasts.

Thinking about the future is overwhelming, especially when kids are involved. To provide them with an understanding of sports is as important as other developmental milestones. Try including our program to your community’s offerings.

Honing existing friendships and making new ones. Helping each other. Having a sense of self confidence—the benefits of our program extend far beyond the sports aspect.

Lots of parents need ways to keep their kids entertained during the long and lazy days of summer, or on weekends when winter won’t let go. Leave the distraction techniques to professional coaches and give yourself the chance to collect your thoughts. Lasting childhood memories can make or break a person.

Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm. Early learning of something often leads to a life-long love for it. Escaping to the sports field is a terrific outlet for an individual to have.

Taking fundamental practices for tennis and golf and making age-appropriate games out of the techniques teaches fundamentals. Through specialized training and evaluation programs, our experienced coaches ascertain your child’s capability and cater to it. Try to find the same program in another town and you will find that ours is the premiere one in the New England area.

Invite your friends—you will have adult interaction during the class and more kids will be exposed to healthy lifestyles. Isolate yourself from technology and watch your child participate in an enriching experience. Innovative programming, convenient locations and accessible communication programs remind you of the convenience that surrounds you.

Carting children around all summer is a thankless job. Create good habits in our descendants to instill solid principles. Calculate the greatest risk and go for it.


At New England Athletic Academy, coaches travel to your indoor or outdoor facility. Allowing children to explore the limits and capabilities of their bodies is pivotal for development. Any space or location can be compatible with our program.

Chat with any athlete. Craving a sport is as fulfilling as a good book. Cultivating hobbies and interests in children is paramount.

Advice is often easy to come by but hard to take. Accepting help is often more challenging. Allowing the outside in is terrifying when the result may be failure. Athleticism doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Alleviating the social anxiety that comes with that dynamic is simple with any of New England Athletic Academy’s programs. All children have the capability to succeed at organized sports.

Demonstrating the importance of functioning on one’s own is important to many parents. Don’t stifle yourself, or them. Dictate their Saturday mornings and be happy with the choice—they spend an hour learning fundamental principles and you get to food shop in peace.

Experience sports education in a controlled environment. Examine your child’s natural talent (or lack thereof). Exert your parental rights and guide her in the right direction.

Many children are drawn to the basic principles and routines of New England Athletic Academy. Many have no coordination or rule-following skills. Many parents are white-knuckling it through these insanely hectic years.

Yelling at your child or teen to get off the couch and do something is not the way to spend a summer. Young people crave activity and socialization whether they know it or not. You need New England Athletic Academy’s program in your town, school or recreation center whether you know it or not.

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