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If you’ve explored our website, you know we advertise ourselves as copywriters. If you’re confused about what that means, you’re not alone. A lot of people have never heard of a copywriter; those who have often don’t understand what a copywriter actually does. Here we break down what a copywriter does and why it matters.

What is a Copywriter?

Basically, copywriters write marketing materials. Ads, website content, brochures, and catalogs are all the copywriter’s domain. The emails that you receive in your inbox that try to convince you to buy something? A copywriter wrote those. Many blog posts (like this one) are also written by copywriters.

As opposed to other types of writing where the goal is to inform or educate, copywriting is all about encouraging the reader to do something. Copywriters are often asking you to buy something or sign up for something. They’re masters at the “call to action,” pointing out a problem and then offering a solution.

Why is copywriting important?

Copywriting is crucial if you want your customers to engage with your product. You have to convince your customer that your product or service is worth their time and energy.

Beyond that, well-written copy is full of keywords which improve your SEO. This makes your website easier to find since your website will contain the keywords that your customers are searching for.

Do you need to hire a copywriter?

If you’re struggling to bring in customers, especially online customers, copywriting is the key to improvement. But do you really need to hire someone?

There’s a lot more to copywriting than one might think. You need to be a good writer who understands the importance of the right word. You need to be able to do keyword research and understand SEO. Most importantly, you need to know how to present both a problem and a solution that convinces someone to take action. These things take time and commitment.

You’re probably already too busy running your business and don’t have the time to master these skills. You’re trying to make sure your services are great and your customers are happy. Leaving the copywriting to a professional copywriter allows you to bring in customers and do what you do best.

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What is Copywriting?

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