Our Creative Copywriter’s Acrostic Approach to Branding

Once again, Waypoint Writing is pleased to showcase our creative copywriter Jenna R. London, who has customized content in support of New England Athletic Academy. Check it out!

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Market Yourself – An Interview with Jenna R. London

In an effort to enhance help you market yourself, the Waypoint Writing team has been creating various marketing material giveaways. Last week, we launched our second content giveaway, made complicated by its rather unusual challenge. Jenna R. London created an escape route out of her own writer’s block and shared her method via a blog post. Peter Hall, owner of New England Athletic Academy, successfully cracked the code, winning similarly-styled content in support of his brand.

No matter what you do for a living, most of us have experienced a creative cramp, whether or not we call it writer’s block. Here, I interview Jenna about how she determined a formula to move forward…and figure out how to creatively market yourself.

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