People like to know they are communicating with people, not just reading something automated. This is especially true when it comes to mailers and those distributed during difficult or uncertain times. Unfortunately, even those of us with the best intentions can send messages that come across as trite. How many messages did you receive during the COVID-19 lock down that featured the phrase, “In these challenging times…?”

We get it. The times were and, in many ways, continue to be challenging. For that reason, it’s important that you craft a mailer which stands out from all the rest and expresses a message that reads as authentic and honest.

The key to managing this task is to access and exercise empathy.

The Case for Empathy in Emails

By nature, humans do better socially and are one of the only animals that are capable of displaying the complex emotional trait, empathy. 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the emotions of those around us. This is commonly experienced in verbal communication and also important when writing to your reader. In order to send a heartfelt mailer, tapping into the empath in you should be your goal. 

How Do I Evoke Empathy in My Writing? 

The goal of a heartfelt mailer is for your message to resonate with your reader. Demonstrating that your reader is part of a wider and connected community is critical. Phrases such as, “we are in this together,” or, “After everything our company has faced,” can let your reader know they are connected to you and others. 

Typically, if your reader feels spoken to, they might feel defense. Notice the difference between, “COVID has been affecting the business in a negative way” compared to, “In these challenging and unpredictable times, our business has experienced some loss, let’s rally together!” 

The difference in feeling is clear between one phrase and the next. It is because one is a fact and blunt statement, while the other shares the same news but is presenting hope and understanding. 

What Else Do I Need in My Heartfelt Mailer?

When you are really speaking from the heart, your words are authentic and not rehearsed. In other words, write the way you speak. Depending on the motivation behind the mailer, you most likely aim to sound apologetic, hopeful, or perhaps even enthusiastic.

As you craft your message, speak the words out loud as you read over it. Does this sound like you? Is your message sincere?

Get Personal!

Use ‘you’, ‘I’, ‘us’, ‘our, and other possessive adjectives. This creates a personal connection to every reader. Let’s look at some phrases again, “the company is doing a great job,” versus, “we are proud of our company and all of you working so hard to make it succeed.”

Which version means the most to you? Most likely the more personal, heartfelt approach. 

Of course, we realize you’re running a business and likely don’t have the time to send out mailers for no real reason. This begs the question…

What are the Benefits of a Heartfelt Mailer?

In general, a well-crafted mailer can boost morale or express sincere intent, remorse, or apology, if necessary. Although you’re its author, you should try to read your mailer as the recipient to better evaluate its effect.

Before you hit send, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I writing with empathy?
  • Am I writing how I would speak this message?
  • Is this a personal piece of writing?
  • Does the message have heart?

A heartfelt mailer should be bursting with exactly that, heart.

Struggling to hit the right note with your mailer? Contact our team of expert — and empathetic! –copywriters!

How to Write a Mailer from the Heart

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