The Greatest Business Website Ever Found Online…

…would begin with content so fresh and intriguing that you would pause mid-click, settle in your seat, adjust your glasses, tell yourself to ignore your cell phone’s dinging, tell your partner to come check this site out, and click and scroll with excitement, marveling that you’d indeed dreamed exactly the same approach but website development is just not your specialty. Your interest piques. You click on each tab, and you think Man, this is exactly how my business needs to be presented, too, to be capable of startling and moving a person.

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Fear of Feathers: Why Your Brand Reputation Matters

Let’s talk reputation for a hot minute, specifically with respect to 2016. That particular year suffered a serious smackdown in street cred, as far as keeping our best and brightest on the roster. The number of respected celebrities and amazing beacons of talent that were extinguished in 2016 practically became laughable. Except none of it was funny.

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