From Making Headlines With My Brain Injury to Writing Them

Editor’s note:

This post was written as a follow up to a previous guest blog post, featuring our copywriter intern Jayme Severance and his struggle to find full-time employment, having overcome tremendous odds in the wake of a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
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Raw Material: Creative Copywriter Recalls Waitressing Woes

In honor of National Pizza Day, Waypoint Writing collaborator and copywriter, Jenna London, regales us with a mishap from her previous life as a waitress in a small mountain town in Missoula, Montana.

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The Pitch

I always looked forward to the several times a year that Berta— my friend for ten years and counting—made the four hour trip from the Boston area to visit me in Saratoga Springs, New York. Berta had red curly hair that she sometimes spruced up with a purple tint and loved horses. She was twelve years older than me, but we seldom noticed the age difference. I celebrated her visits because I was granted a reprieve from my primary responsibility, which was to keep my two young children—Tyler and Brynn—alive. Berta enjoyed the break from her routine and was about as laid back a houseguest as a person could be. She had only one requirement—we needed to visit the farmer’s market before she left town on Saturday morning.

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Fear of Feathers: Why Your Brand Reputation Matters

Let’s talk reputation for a hot minute, specifically with respect to 2016. That particular year suffered a serious smackdown in street cred, as far as keeping our best and brightest on the roster. The number of respected celebrities and amazing beacons of talent that were extinguished in 2016 practically became laughable. Except none of it was funny.

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