Are you looking to start the new year with strong content?

One way you can do this is by creating pillar pieces that structure and strengthen your message. 

Check out our quick guide to pillar pieces and why your business will benefit from creating them…

The Purpose of Pillar Pieces

A pillar piece or pillar page is the basis form of copy in which a topic cluster is built upon. The pillar page provides a comprehensive overview of a topic and includes links to the topic cluster content. 

What is a topic cluster?

A topic cluster is a collection of articles, website pages, and information focused on one larger topic. 

Pillar pieces are a way to organize all aspects of a topic on a single page, making the information more accessible and, therefore, more valuable for your audience.

How SEO Has Changed

The way that people search on the internet has changed drastically over the years. Single or simple two-three word searches have been replaced by much longer, more conversational queries.

In fact, 64% of searches are four words or more

That’s why Google needed to change up its SEO game.

The content you create and the keywords you use are still just as important; however, with so much content available online, search engines want to ensure that YOU are truly an authority on the topic.

So, what exactly are these search engines looking for?

How do you create content that establishes you as an authority on a topic?

We’re glad you asked!

The best way to demonstrate your authoritative knowledge on a subject matter is by structuring your content into pillar pieces and topic clusters. 

Search engines are constantly operating to help searchers find the most accurate information possible, and bloggers need to take advantage of this.

By creating and organizing content effectively, you can help address any gaps that exist in the search engine algorithms which might keep your information from reaching your intended viewer. 

Why Do I Need a Pillar Piece?

Topic clusters help pages rank higher because they give searchers better answers.

Traditional SEO best practices have typically benefited from bloggers creating content with specific keywords. But this isn’t as effective as it once was.

Not only can your information get lost and disorganized, but you also risk your own results by having to compete in rankings if you happen to write about the same topic more than once. 

This is where a pillar piece comes into play.

A pillar piece is the basis that a topic cluster grows from so it allows you to cover all aspects of the topic in one place with the option to go in-depth in smaller cluster blog posts that all link back to the pillar piece.

Although a pillar piece is typically longer than a usual blog post because it covers all areas of a single general topic, it also leaves room for you to create other detailed blog posts about different aspects of the same topic.

If you’re eager to establish authority in your field, reach out to our team and let us structure your content with professionally crafted pillar pieces!

What is a Pillar Piece and Why Do I Need One?

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