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It’s true. Everyone seems to have a blog these days. But why? Blogs take so much time and effort. You have to brainstorm for the right topics, understand the best blogging practices, and then actually write compelling original content. With all the other tasks on your plate as a business owner, why bother with a blog?

A blog establishes credibility

Think about the sources you trust that you go to whenever you have a question. When you’re trying to figure out what to do when you feel sick, don’t you go to WebMD or Healthline? What about HGTV when you have a question about home decor? All of these companies have blogs. These are big brands, but the concept is the same. They have spent time building up their audience’s trust. We go to them because we trust them to have the right answers.

The same thing applies to your business and your blog. If you’re a pet care company, you can establish credibility by writing about how to properly groom your dog (and why you should hire someone to do it) or how to help your cat with separation anxiety. Well written blog posts published regularly and consistently to your blog tells your audience that they can trust you.

A blog can help drive traffic to your website

Good content, like blog posts, utilize SEO and keywords to attract readers. Blog posts are great for keywords because they provide proper space to use long-tail keywords, which are better for SEO. Basically, it provides more opportunities for people to find your website.

Not to mention, search engines love it when you have updated content. They want to make sure you’re working to stay relevant and have new content for your readers. When you blog you’re providing search engines with new pages to index. This increases your website ranking, over time.

A blog keeps potential customers on your website longer

Wouldn’t it be great if your potential clients spent more time on your site? They would learn more about what you do, grow to trust you, and see what types of services you provide. A substantial blog where you are constantly linking to past posts keeps your reader engaged with your site, spurring them to jump from one page to the other. This just gives you more time to encourage them to buy your products and services.

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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