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Social distancing is critical now more than ever in order to “flatten the curve” and attempt to reduce the number of coronavirus cases so that our healthcare system can accommodate those in need.

The reality that this system is already stretched thin is worrisome and the endless stream of news reports and updates is exacting a psychological toll on even the most steady and sane among us. 

Compounding this situation is the fact that staying home and away from others is the order of the day. And while this might have sounded good for the first day or so, even the most introverted are craving some actual connection and missing friends and family. 

So, if you’re stuck at home — whether working remotely or waiting for the green light to get back to your storefront, restaurant or business of any size or scope — there is one thing you can do to keep connected and create content in support of your brand: blog. 

Is Blogging Worth the Bother?

Will blogging make a difference during this unpredictable time? Can you boost your business by blogging about it, even against the backdrop of a global pandemic?

It’s hard to say in this case, but typically, yes — blogging can make a big difference to even the smallest business and we’ll show you some reasons why you should start blogging to fill some of this newfound time on your hands.

The Bullet Points of Why You Should Blog 

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Two heads are better than one when it comes to your business blog.

In the interest of brevity — we know there are more pressing matters on your plate right now — we want to share a bullet point argument for why you should blog on behalf of your business. It’s tempting to look at blogging in light of this current situation and say, why bother?

We argue that this is, in fact, the best time to start blogging for your business because most businesses, especially the smaller ones, need to grab hold of as many lifelines as possible right now.

So, start blogging for your business because: 

  • Blogging helps strengthen SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which can increase traffic to your website. This traffic could introduce new visitors to your business or inform existing customers about important changes to your business — like your response to the coronavirus. 
  • A blog post gives you multiple content options. So many of our clients believe that a blog post is a one and done piece of content. Write, edit, post and hope someone reads, or better yet, shares it. This is a limiting view of how a blog post can be used for your brand. The content within the post can be repurposed for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. That might mean tweaking its presentation to better fit the expectations of each channel or simply sharing excerpts of pertinent information like stats, quotes, or testimonials. 
  • As we all remain shut in and somewhat stranded from each other, a blog is a great way to start and keep a conversation going with your audience. By blogging about relevant information that your readers would like or need to know, you are inviting engagement with your brand. Including CTAs at the end of each post takes this one step further. For instance, ask readers to answer a question or share their thoughts in the comments, whether on the post itself or on a social media platform. Respond to their feedback and, just like that, you’ll find yourself engaged in a meaningful little convo. 
  • An engaging blog post can also encourage visitors to stick around your website and learn more about your product or service. Those who extend their visit tend to be more likely to take some kind of action and, depending on the action, it could be the little boost your business (and YOU at its helm) need right now. 
  • Blogging consistently gives resonance to your voice, which helps establish trust with your audience. People prefer to do business with vendors they “know” and like, so publishing blog posts on a regular basis allows you to assume the role of reliable narrator.
  • Speaking of narrators, storytelling is an effective marketing tactic. Again, increasingly consumers like to know who they are doing business with, which means you have the unique opportunity to talk about your business and — better yet — provide some behind-the-scenes insights into how you work. This could include sharing wins and setbacks; the human quality driving the business is a more compelling story than spreadsheets, stock photos, and quarterly reports. 

If blogging isn’t your thing or you’re just not sure how to get started — relax! There are too many other things to worry about right now. Besides, our team is here, standing by and keeping busy while keeping our distance. 

Let us know if you’d like to discuss some blogging strategies — whether how to get started, get back on track, or pass the buck to one of our bloggers who would be happy to create original and engaging content for your brand. 

We’re happy to collaborate with you via email or even an old-school phone call. However you’d like to connect, we’re here when you’re ready to contact us

Blog Through the Blues and Boredom of Social Distancing

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