Blog Through the Blues and Boredom of Social Distancing

Behind the scenes shot of Amanda, owner of Waypoint Writing, keeping up with blogging and baby.

Social distancing is critical now more than ever in order to “flatten the curve” and attempt to reduce the number of coronavirus cases so that our healthcare system can accommodate those in need.

The reality that this system is already stretched thin is worrisome and the endless stream of news reports and updates is exacting a psychological toll on even the most steady and sane among us. 

Compounding this situation is the fact that staying home and away from others is the order of the day. And while this might have sounded good for the first day or so, even the most introverted are craving some actual connection and missing friends and family. 

So, if you’re stuck at home — whether working remotely or waiting for the green light to get back to your storefront, restaurant or business of any size or scope — there is one thing you can do to keep connected and create content in support of your brand: blog. 

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business owner blogging on laptop with notes and cup of coffee

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

It’s true. Everyone seems to have a blog these days. But why? Blogs take so much time and effort. You have to brainstorm for the right topics, understand the best blogging practices, and then actually write compelling original content. With all the other tasks on your plate as a business owner, why bother with a blog?

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4 Hints to Help Establish Your Brand’s Blogging Schedule

Maintaining your brand’s blogging schedule shouldn’t feel as challenging as it often does. But when you run a business and you have a million things to manage on behalf of your clients’ satisfaction, keeping up with your own blogging schedule is often the first thing to fall off your plate. Sometimes, we even push our own posting plans off the plate ourselves in order to accommodate other priorities. Clients come first, but it’s important to find a way to manage your time against their needs in order to keep up with the blogging schedule that supports your brand.

Here are four hints that should help you create a blogging schedule that’s right for your business. How will you know it’s right? You’ll post consistently without feeling like it’s a push to do so…

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The Brass Tacks of Blogging for Your Business

The reasons your business should be blogging are not particularly complicated. There’s no need to dive down the rabbit hole and engage in an exhaustive study, regarding the merits of blogging for a business. Here is quick take — a reminder for some, and news to others, about the brass tacks of blogging for your business.

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