Since we had so much fun with our first blog post giveaway, we decided to create another one and see where it might lead. Only this time, it comes with a challenge…

Our own Jenna R. London has written a blog post devoted to what we do at Waypoint Writing. But, she’s done so according to rules of her own design, resulting in a hidden phrase, which could read as a command, goal, or one hell of a compelling hashtag. Give it a read to find the phrase and figure out the rule she created to craft this unique blog post. Think you know the answers? Contact us! Only correct entries will be considered, with the winner pulled at random at 5 p.m. on Friday. The prize? A blog post written in this same style, dedicated to your specific brand, which you can then publish on your blog, highlight in a newsletter, share via email, or use for your own giveaway.

Give it a try and contact us with your response ASAP! Good luck!! 

Making a name for oneself is a challenge that manifests in a variety of ways. Multitudes of people start a business for a myriad of reasons. Medical supply companies, actors, builders, and accountants are just a few of the entities that are started with one person and a harebrained idea to “do her own thing.”

Although many people would like to avoid the harsh reality, bookkeeping and marketing and other seemingly tedious entities are necessary for your business to thrive. Accept that your strengths may not encompass all aspects necessary for a successful business. After you set your ego aside, you open yourself to a world of resources. A thriving business doesn’t just happen, and it rarely occurs single-handedly, no matter what you see in the movies.

Rabbit’s foot or not, more than luck is necessary for a thriving enterprise. Reach out to and rely on the intuition of professionals who are masters of their trade. Robust advertising and marketing is actually fun for some people. Running your control instead of being run by it will be freeing. Rival businesses and consumers alike will appreciate outstanding web content, a weekly blog post, video, marketing or advertising services whether they are aware of it or not.

Keeping track of numerous aspects of running a business is exhausting. Kicking back while someone else develops the text is relaxing. Keen and skilled eyes on your marketing materials are necessities.

Even though we are a society heavily reliant on technology, solid language shouldn’t go by the wayside. Each typo, grammatical error and run-on sentence is proof of carelessness. Elevate the quality of your work by allowing others to focus on their strength while you focus on yours. Eventually, something’s gotta give, and you don’t want it to be at the expense of quality or of the English language.

Taking inventory of business goals helps any owner or manager to prioritize. Tedious details, unfortunately often keep people from focusing on their talent and/or expertise. To make matters worse, those details are not as straightforward as they seem. Though the basic written word is a capability of the average small business owner, the finessing and wordsmithing that comes second nature to authors and editors is needed to sell a product in a competitive environment.


Yearning for freedom prompts wild decisions. Youthful energy paired with wise approaches leads to innovative ideas. Yikes—that’s a lot for one individual or small business to take on!

Only when you pause to assess your surroundings can you really understand what you need. Obtuse thinking causes stalemates. Open-minded approaches, though, lead to a myriad of choices you’d never have had otherwise.

Unless a zombie apocalypse strikes, though, you need to generate some revenue because the first of the month and its associated financial obligations comes quick. Usually, the administrative and marketing details associated with owning a business seem insignificant, but they have an impact on the quality of your product. Understanding the balance of what to learn and what to sub out to others is no simple process. Unicorns aren’t real, but you can use them as part of your business. Unique opportunities develop from random connections.

Rigorous family and personal obligations impact any business whether you think they will or not. Regardless, a balance needs to be struck. Ruminate on your options. Rational thinking is often not as common as one would hope. Rivals are hot on your heels. Rolling with the punches is a mandatory requirement for all business owners.

See what changes you can make for yourself. Sanctimonious nonsense just isn’t your speed. Success lies in knowing what you don’t need just as much as you know what you do.

Exercising your right to map your own professional destiny is a personal choice. Experiencing the entrepreneurial world is not for the faint of heart. Expect not only the unexpected, but also the weird, fascinating, inspiring and lucrative.

Logic hardly ever applies when you really wish that it would. Leave expectations, judgments, and assumptions behind. Laughing is good for the heart. Liberating yourself from your past—especially in the professional sense—is as empowering as it is benefiting your mental and physical health. Lunatic is a relative term.

Funky structure. Formatting that is out of the norm. Fantastic wordsmithing. Fulfill marketing needs at an affordable price. Find yourself comfortable with outsourcing the marketing work you don’t want to do and focus on the product that made you start a business in the first place. Feel empowered by your desire to ask for help and reach out to us.

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