Last Friday, after tossing names into a cast iron pan and randomly selecting a slip of paper, we chose the winner of Waypoint Writing’s first giveaway. Kelly Cummings, of Kelly Anne Photography, won two free blog posts, which will be created and carefully crafted in support of her business and brand. In order to figure out just what that support might look like, Kelly and I jumped on a call to discuss her business, her goals, and why she entered the blog post giveaway in the first place.

Her responses will undoubtedly resonate with our readers who are juggling the act of working both in and on their own business… with precious little time to blog on a regular basis.

The Bane of Blogging…

…Or, why we created the blog post giveaway in the first place.

Whatever the size of your business, however big or small, business owners understand the value of an engaging blog. Creating original content, consistently, enhances your brand’s exposure, and helps drive traffic to your website. Ultimately, the goal is to connect with current customers and communicate your value to new ones. So then, why is blogging the bane of business for so many business owners?

One word: time.

Blogging is time-consuming, no matter how much you may or may not enjoy writing. There are myriad tasks, responsibilities, and let’s face it, distractions that make it so easy to push blogging nearer and nearer the bottom of your priority list.

Only a few minutes into our phone conversation, it was clear that Kelly, admittedly, falls into this camp. “I don’t mind blogging. I don’t mind writing. I know it is a way to show both our prospective and current clients that we are active and eager to connect with them. I know blogging is important, but I don’t always have time.”

Given the conversations I’ve had with business owners, which inspired this giveaway in the first place, not to mention the interest it garnered, it was easy to assure Kelly that she was not alone.

Silence is Golden

Holding Hands

Another blogging block is what I consider communication fatigue. Chances are, you’ve devoted considerable time out of your day to communicate with and for your clients. Kelly prides her business not just on professional photography services, but storytelling. “When we work with a couple, we become very invested in their story and we want to remain a center point for them to come back to as they grow their relationship.”

In other words, she, like so many business owners, is providing far more than her stated services — and therein lies her value. And it’s not surprising that after exerting this much effort and energy, Kelly doesn’t have much left for blogging.  Kelly put it perfectly, explaining, “It becomes a sort of plumber with the leaky pipes sort of situation. I’ve done so much for my clients that I don’t want to talk anymore.”

And who could blame her — or any other business owner for feeling too tapped out to translate their efforts to a larger, faceless audience?

Competing with the Company We Keep


Let’s not forget for a second the reality of running a business… and a household. Compared to a faceless audience, there are clients to consider, not to mention our own crews… whether partners, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, or kids!

“I have a four and a two-year-old and I’m home with them full-time. I only have one four-hour block one time a week.” It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that a four-hour block of time, once a week, will quickly populate itself with pressing matters that cannot be pushed to side, like blogging easily can. “It’s become a bit of a challenge to balance that important piece.”

But, of course, we know the challenge must be met because, as Kelly said, blogging is indeed an important piece of running a successful business.

That’s why we’re delighted to take the next two blog posts off Kelly’s plate and help her develop and manage a blogging strategy, best for her brand.

What about you and your business? Could your brand benefit from a little blogging help? Contact our team today and let us help you realize better results from your blog.


Top 3 Takeaways from Our First Giveaway

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