Social Distancing, Sesame Street and CTAs

Sesame Street opening scene, season 49
Sesame Street muppets introduce an episode of season during the show’s 49th season.

Sustaining social distancing is stressful for most of us, including the most introverted in our midst. For those of us who already work from home, pre-COVID 19 crisis, we’ve pretty much perfected our processes for maximum productivity.

But, the pandemic threw a curve ball our way, too, and left most of us without reliable child care — whether that’s from grandparents, a nanny, or daycare. 

In this household, social distancing means super close proximity between professional commitments, deadlines, goals… and my 16-month old. As such, we spend a lot of time on Sesame Street (anti-screen folks, judge away and then go away). 

What I’ve noticed from increased quality time spent social distancing in the company of my toddler and our repeat visits to Sesame Street is that even this iconic children’s show knows the value of a CTA (call-to-action) and uses them consistently. (We’ve not watched every episode, but we’re working on it!)

Why does a call to action (CTA) matter and why did I even notice this in the first place? Read on to find out more… (see what I did there?)

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Up for a Giveaway Challenge? Beat this Blog Post!

Since we had so much fun with our first blog post giveaway, we decided to create another one and see where it might lead. Only this time, it comes with a challenge…

Our own Jenna R. London has written a blog post devoted to what we do at Waypoint Writing. But, she’s done so according to rules of her own design, resulting in a hidden phrase, which could read as a command, goal, or one hell of a compelling hashtag. Give it a read to find the phrase and figure out the rule she created to craft this unique blog post. Think you know the answers? Contact us! Only correct entries will be considered, with the winner pulled at random at 5 p.m. on Friday. The prize? A blog post written in this same style, dedicated to your specific brand, which you can then publish on your blog, highlight in a newsletter, share via email, or use for your own giveaway.

Give it a try and contact us with your response ASAP! Good luck!! 

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5 Reasons to Get Started with Facebook Ads

In honor of introducing Waypoint Writing’s latest collaborator, Facebook Advertising Specialist, Teddy Myers, we thought a quick post about why you should get started with Facebook ads was in order, especially in light of recent changes to the Facebook platform. If you haven’t considered shelling out some coin on a structured Facebook ads strategy, you might want to consider the following five reasons to advertise on Facebook.

Or, to put it another way, there are at least 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Facebook Advertising, not the least of which is that Facebook amassed upwards of $16 billion in global ad revenue in 2017, representing a 25% increase just from February 2015. In other words, there are 2.5 million individuals leveraging Facebook ads to connect with their client base.

Do you feel left out?

Marcus Andrews at Hubspot predicts that “Facebook Ads are going to drive more leads to your business… than any other paid channel.” However, he cautions that “You’ll need to have the right strategy and execute with agility and precision…”

Once again, we give you Teddy Myers.

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Facebook Flipped the Script – What Does this Mean for Your Brand?

George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Well, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to flip the script on Facebook and challenge how businesses can most effectively promote their goods and services on social media.

What does this mean for your brand’s social media strategy?

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