A Deep Dive Into White Papers

One powerful tool that often goes unnoticed in the world of marketing and business development is the white paper. While many people associate white papers with technical and industry information, these papers are far more than just dense reports. 

White papers are actually a great way for businesses to establish thought leadership, generate leads, and drive growth. But how?

Well, first let’s get into what a white paper really is. 

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Social Distancing, Sesame Street and CTAs

Sesame Street opening scene, season 49
Sesame Street muppets introduce an episode of season during the show’s 49th season.

Sustaining social distancing is stressful for most of us, including the most introverted in our midst. For those of us who already work from home, pre-COVID 19 crisis, we’ve pretty much perfected our processes for maximum productivity.

But, the pandemic threw a curve ball our way, too, and left most of us without reliable child care — whether that’s from grandparents, a nanny, or daycare. 

In this household, social distancing means super close proximity between professional commitments, deadlines, goals… and my 16-month old. As such, we spend a lot of time on Sesame Street (anti-screen folks, judge away and then go away). 

What I’ve noticed from increased quality time spent social distancing in the company of my toddler and our repeat visits to Sesame Street is that even this iconic children’s show knows the value of a CTA (call-to-action) and uses them consistently. (We’ve not watched every episode, but we’re working on it!)

Why does a call to action (CTA) matter and why did I even notice this in the first place? Read on to find out more… (see what I did there?)

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Connect with Your Audience through Content Marketing

As someone who grew up relocating on a regular basis, I used to find the question, “where are you from?” tough to answer. When it comes to my career, I find I often face a similar need to explain. Plenty of people understand what content marketing means. But, just as many, if not more, have no clue. So, when I attend a networking event and introduce myself as the owner of a content marketing business, sometimes I’m met with a blank stare that only shows recognition after I further explain that I’m a copywriter.

Content marketing isn’t new and it isn’t a particularly difficult concept to grasp. But, it’s incredibly valuable to businesses, both big and small. Ultimately, content marketing offers brands an authentic way to connect with their audience.

What does content marketing mean? More importantly, what does it involve for business owners who are already managing perhaps more than they care to, especially if theirs is a new venture?

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A Story Without an Audience: What it Means to Really Listen


At the risk of writing a blog post that sounds more like a high school English paper due in 20 minutes, permit me (a moment?) to remind us all of the definition of the word listen.

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Nipples on Your Knees…And More Farm-Bred Pragmatism for Your Brand [Video]

On our first foray into the farm-to-table realm, Jenn and I decided to pitch Republic, a successful restaurant local to our home office. We wanted the owners, Chef Ed Aloise and his wife, Claudia, to let us capture their story; animate their mission, demonstrate their transparency and unwavering commitment to local sustainability.

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