Grow Your Email Marketing List with Empowered Content

If you ask most marketers, email marketing is the way to go when you’re ready to reach more clients and generate new leads. No wonder, when you consider that 72% of customers favor email over any other means of business communication. With these stats in mind, can you really afford to not grow your email marketing list?

Maybe a more pressing question for you right now is, how do I grow it in the first place? We’ve got a few tips to help you get started and a team standing by to assist with every aspect of your email marketing campaign.

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How to Write a Mailer from the Heart

People like to know they are communicating with people, not just reading something automated. This is especially true when it comes to mailers and those distributed during difficult or uncertain times. Unfortunately, even those of us with the best intentions can send messages that come across as trite. How many messages did you receive during the COVID-19 lock down that featured the phrase, “In these challenging times…?”

We get it. The times were and, in many ways, continue to be challenging. For that reason, it’s important that you craft a mailer which stands out from all the rest and expresses a message that reads as authentic and honest.

The key to managing this task is to access and exercise empathy.

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How Should I Structure My Email?

As we embark on a new year, you probably have a list of goals and resolutions you’re eager to tackle for your business. Email marketing might be one of them.

If email is how you primarily communicate with both loyal and prospective clients, how should you structure your email?

For every email distributed, the goal is to get results, whether a new sale or new client. To achieve results, you need to evaluate your goals and how an email will support them in order to craft something that will inspire action.

Take a look at some of our tried and true tips to help you get started…

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Sincerely, Your Email Signature

With the new year fast approaching, it is time for an email signature upgrade!

Your email signature should be personal, specific, and include information to inspire your recipient to get in touch with you. A high-quality email signature can help you stand out and be taken seriously by clients and colleagues alike.

An email signature should a welcoming way to invite your reader to reach out to you in more ways than one. How does your signature look? Check out what should go and what needs to be there in time for a fresh sign-off in the new year.

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Why it’s Worth Sending Handwritten Holiday Cards

There is no better way to get into the holidays and connect with others than with a handwritten holiday card! Think about the last time you received something handwritten… how did it make you feel? Connected? Important? Sentimental? 

You are not alone! Studies have shown that your brain reacts differently and more positively to something handwritten as opposed to the same news shared in an email. This applies to everything from a 3-year-old’s Mother’s Day card, to your business holiday cards. 

This season, spread those feelings to all the people surrounding your business! It is important to ensure your employees feel your gratitude around the season of giving. Not just any year, but the past few years we have had in particular, they enjoy all the love and gratitude in the world.

Merry and Brightly Written

Besides spreading the holiday cheer, companies such as Shutterfly suggest there are many reasons why a handwritten holiday card should be your top priority this winter. With a printed photo card, it makes it much easier to send out your thoughts in bulk! 

Use this opportunity to maybe reconnect with clients you have lost touch with. This is a low-risk way to gently remind someone that your business is still booming and eager to present them with the solutions they’re looking for.

Through this card, you are wishing someone well and perhaps also sparking positive memories of their experience working with you and your business!

Another reason to send some joy to the world is to express gratitude to clients. Loyal customers will continue to come back to your business or religiously use your services if they feel respected. You would be going the extra mile to say “Thank you for your continued love of our business” with your handwritten holiday card.

“Deck”orate the Halls with Your Holiday Card

The behind the scenes details of your holiday cards are also important! This could be a great way for you to present promotional photos for your company. Your holiday card is a great opportunity to send out a new and improved logo, an updated head shot, or a photo of your new business location. 

Use this card as a networking opportunity! Send your holiday card out to potential clients and surrounding offices in your business park. Creating relationships this way is meaningful and long-lasting! 

Holiday Givebacks 

Take it a step forward and have your cards contain more than a nice message. Have your connect your holiday card to a charity! What a wonderful way to show all of your card recipients that your business is concerned about giving back.

This holiday season, craft something heartfelt, handwritten, and helpful for your business. Need some help? Our team of creative professionals loves a challenge and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on a holiday statement that will speak volumes about your business. Contact us when you’re ready to spread some holiday cheer!